Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heart Run

Today we worked on color recognition again.

Supplies needed: different colored hearts cut from paper

I cut various colors of hearts and layed them around the living room floor.

As I called a color, Tucker would go jump on the heart and bring it to me.

Tuck loved this activity, and it was a great way to burn some energy from being cooped up inside the house from the recent Winter storm.

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  1. Hi there, I found you on the Works for Me post. I love your ideas as I have twin boys that just turned 2 this weekend. I have marked you as a favorite! I am not the most creative person and really need to start working with my boys to learn colors, numbers and such. We are having major speech delays so it is hard to know how much they are retaining. I will be setting up a new blog soon that is different than just my family blog. I'll let you know the new name when I set it up. :-) Keep up the good ideas! Carolyn