Monday, February 15, 2010

C is for Corn

Today, we worked on the letter C. Tuck loves to eat corn on the cob (and I had some in the freezer) so it was an easy choice.

Supplies needed: construction paper, glue, yellow paint, paper plate, and corn.

Cut a letter C from paper before allowing your child to glue the letter to the construction paper.

Roll the corn in the yellow paint and then roll it on the paper.

As I have mentioned before, Tuck hates having his hands dirty. We are trying to let him know that it isn't going to hurt him, so I'm encouraging him to get his hands dirty as much as possible. Today was not the day that he was going to be OK with it! He got a little bit on his fingers, and he was finished! I finished painting for him to show him that it was alright before showing him that the paint washes right off. Oh, well! Another day!

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