Thursday, February 4, 2010

Colors, Shapes, and Trucks

Tucker is into cars and trucks right now. He lines all of his cars up and drives and crashes them on his road rug. While at the library last week, he picked out a new book that is part of the Jon Scieszka Trucktown Series, Smash! Crash!. It is a very cute book about two trucks that like to smash and crash into things...very little boyish! After reading it, we decided that during our "school time" we would make a truck.

Supplies needed: colorful construction paper, scissors (for mommy), glue stick, and crayons.

I started by cutting shapes from different colored paper. I cut a small square for the cab of the truck, a rectangle, 2 circles for tires, and a circle for the sun. We then talked about each of the shapes and the colors of them.

Let the gluing begin! Tuck loves using a glue stick! I had to show him where to place each shape, but other than that, he did it all on his own. We finished off our piece by adding some more color.

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